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Dear Unmatched Medical Graduate,

If you are passionate about medicine – a journey awaits you.

It will be a tough road, more difficult to navigate than medical school. What I am referring to is a movement to allow unmatched doctors to practice under supervision, providing care to under served patients.

Along the way you will learn how legislature, insurance, and licensing boards function. However, these niche jobs have been difficult to create – even after a new law comes into effect.

This is mainly due to billing regulations, and to a lesser extent, awareness of a new mid-level position. There will be many hurdles to overcome.

As this site moves forward in the future, we pledge to post accurate and up-to-date information about state legislature, the job market, and any open position that we are notified of.


Official site: Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts

Title: Assistant Physician

Employed: 27/99 (27%)

Summary: Very difficult to get a paid job. One assistant physician with a paid job said they started as a volunteer to gain experience and was transitioned into a paid position after a few months.

Last updated 01/19/2018


09/2017: The New Hampshire House of Representatives released information about a bill that was drafted for assistant physicians. You can see this by going to the New Hampshire General Court’s website and running a 2018 bill request query. The legislative service request number is 2033 and it is sponsored by Representative Dr. William Marsh.

Update expected soon, as there was a hearing on 01/18/2018.

Last updated 01/19/2018. 

I graduated from American University of Antigua and am starting a family medicine residency in June 2018.

My professional interests include gastroenterology, preventive medicine, and management of diabetes and hypertension with lifestyle modifications. When I am not busy seeing patients, I can be found typing away at my computer or in the garage.



This is a collection of links to other websites and news articles about unmatched doctors in clinical positions.

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Sites and Groups

  1. Assistant Physicians In Missouri Bonfyre Group
    • https://bonfyreapp.com/
    • Operated by Dr. Keith Frederick
    • As of 1/19/2018, there was 1 host and 46 members attending (mostly assistant physicians).
    • No direct link to group, needs an invitation from the host. Register and send your contact information to Dr. Frederick.
  2. Foundation to Recognize Educate and Employ Doctors Of Medicine (FREEDOM)
  3. Association of Medical Doctor Assistant Physicians (AMDAP)
  4. Assistant/Associate Physician Facebook Group
  5. assistantphysician.org

News Articles

  1. Google News search for: “assistant physician” -“physician assistant” (omits the phrase physician assistant from search results)
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  1. Google search for: “assistant physician” -“physician assistant” forum (omits the phrase physician assistant from search results)
  2. Missouri Assistant Physician Program thoughts? (Reddit, 3/28/2017)
  3. How do you guys feel about the Assistant Physician Licensure offered in Missouri, effective January 31st, 2017? (Reddit, 3/16/2017)
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